7 Impressive Features of a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Control

Maintaining the comfort of your home in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is of critical importance. Keeping your HVAC system’s efficiency high is crucial as well. A great way to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and reduce your utility bills is by installing one of the many smart thermostats available. Check out these seven impressive features that you can expect to enjoy when you invest in a new smart thermostat:

Remote Control

One of the top benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability you gain to control it from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. This means that you never have to worry if you forget to adjust the temperature before you leave for vacation or an extended time. You can also find out when there has been a change to your thermostat when you’re away from home, such as during unexpected shutoffs from power outages.

Home Automation Ability

Your smart thermostat can interact with other devices to automate your home. This can include integration with smart locks and lights as well as other components of your HVAC system. Once integrated, most of these systems offer you the ability to control them with voice-activated controls. As a result, they allow you to make temperature changes with the sound of your voice from anywhere within your home.

Room Sensors

Many smart thermostats can connect to room sensors that you place around your home or office. These sensors can detect motion and monitor the temperature in certain areas. This can allow the system to gain accurate real-time temperatures in each room and trigger temperature changes when it detects motion in specific areas. As a result, you’ll save energy by not heating or cooling empty rooms.


Smart thermostats come with a variety of features that can provide you with the necessary information you need to control the energy use in your home. They can also help you keep on top of HVAC and temperature concerns. Smart thermostats can:

  • Provide you with detailed reports on your energy use
  • Offer tips on how to cut your energy consumption
  • Notify you of a dirty air filter or a repair need

Many smart thermostats will also connect with the internet and display information about the weather forecast for your designated zip code.

Easy Scheduling

Many homeowners fail to program their thermostats. That’s because they feel programming is difficult and time-consuming. Smart thermostats don’t only provide you with the ability to set a wide range of customized programs. They can also make it incredibly easy. You can even set up programming directly on your smartphone. As a result, you can create your program wherever and whenever it’s convenient.

Full-Color Touch screen

The full-color touch-screen device doesn’t only provide for better aesthetics in your home. It also makes your thermostat easier to view and operate. The touch screen is similar to your smartphone. It has buttons that are easy to find and read, making programming less frustrating.


This feature, available on some smart thermostats, allows you to use your smartphone as the on/off switch for your thermostat. Once you install the app on your phone and enable it, your thermostat can switch off when your device has left the set area, indicating that you have left your home. This geofence, or electric boundary, can be created as a set line somewhere in your neighborhood within the app.

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