Choosing Between a Home Warranty or an HVAC Service Plan

HVAC Service Plan

All homeowners want to keep their HVAC equipment in good shape. Home warranties and HVAC service plans are both designed to protect homeowners in Beaufort, SC, from unexpected repair or replacement costs. Knowing how to choose between a home warranty and an HVAC service plan will help you save time and money in the long run.

What’s a Home Warranty Plan?

A homeowner’s warranty plan is essentially an insurance policy usually purchased when a resident moves into their new home. The plan covers specific equipment and problems. If a covered breakdown occurs, the plan pays for the cost of the repair.

What’s an HVAC Service Plan?

An HVAC maintenance or service plan offers a pre-agreed list of services and prices, often at a discount compared with premium or emergency repair costs. Plans usually provide regular inspections, cleanings and tuneups for the covered equipment. This regular maintenance is valuable as it keeps your HVAC equipment in working order all year.

How Do I Choose Between the Two?

HVAC systems like air conditioners and heat pumps are complex machines that require regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. This includes conducting regular inspections, replacing filters, calibrating thermostats and performing regular cleanings. Such work takes time, but neglecting maintenance can lead to serious equipment problems.

Unlike a home warranty plan, an HVAC service plan lets you control the service provider that performs inspections and repairs on your equipment. Service providers that offer maintenance plans usually offer other benefits too. This is not the case with home warranties.

Interested in your service plan options? At Howell-Chase Heating & Air Conditioning, our maintenance plan benefits include service visits, priority scheduling, discounts and more. Contact us today to schedule your inspection on Beaufort, SC. By doing so, you’ll maximize home comfort and efficiency.

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